Each Healing/Mentoring Session is Divinely Aligned and for the Highest Good of All.  If for some reason, it does not feel in alignment at the time of the exchange, we will reschedule it to a time that is more flowing.

The Sessions vary in time, and last as long as the energies flow through me.  They may be in person, over the phone or online.  The main difference is that in person sessions offer a much more direct healing experience. It is like the difference between listening to your favorite song on the radio and hearing it at a live concert.

I ask you to FEEL into your Heart when choosing when and how to work with me.  Once you are committed and contact me, we will discuss options for pricing, length of time and how you may benefit in the greatest way with our time together.



* Very Popular with Teenagers

* Uncover Limited Beliefs Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Passions

* Discuss Ways to Trust Your Intuition Even More

* Receive Clear Guidance How to Move Forward with the Greatest Potential for Success



* Discover Limited Beliefs, Fears and Old Wounds That You May Still Be Carrying From Childhood

* Heal and Clear Old Thought Patterns That Prevent You From Feeling Safe to Play and Express Yourself

* Create New and Empowering Thought Patterns for the Subconscious Mind to Work With Moving Forward

* Realigns and Balances All Chakras to Experience Greater Energy Flow



* Weekly Session with Ongoing Support Through Text Message.

* Heal and Clear the Deepest Pains in Your Memories and Clear Your Energy Field

* Receive Daily Divine Energy Transmissions as Guided

* Experience a Total Transformation in Your Life on All Levels

* Due to the Tremendous Amount of Energy That Flows Through Me, This is Reserved For Those That Are Truly Ready to Face Anything Standing In Their Way of Creating An Abundant Life Doing What They Love.



* Receive The Fastest and Highest Vibrations that Your Soul is Ready to Receive

* Open to Facing Your Souls Deepest Healing Process on All Levels From the Beginning of Creation

* This Transmission, Due to Its Own Consciousness Bring to Light ALL That No Longer Serve You

* This is Reserved For Individuals That Are Already More Entrained to the Higher Dimensional Energies More Consistently



I have worked with, studied and applied many healing modalities and incorporate all of them as inspired. Some are:

+ Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Faster EFT
+ Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
+ Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)
+ The One Command (TOC)
+ The Seraphim Entrainment
+ High Frequency Channeled Messages from the Spirit Realm
+ Chakra Cleansing and Realigning
+ Guided Meditations
+ Hypnosis
+ Guided Imagery
+ Quantum Jumping
+ The Silva Method
+ Afformations and Affirmations
+ Subconscious Reprogramming
+ The Sedona Method
+ Quantum Touch Healing
+ Breathwork
+ Access Consciousness
+ Creative Visualization and Relaxation
+ DNA Activation
+ Integrated Release Therapy
+ Life Coach
+ Personal Development
+ Vocal Healing
+ Spiritual Healing
+ Kundalini Awakening
+ Theta Healing
+ Thought Field Therapy
+ Time Line Therapy
+ and so much more…