This is a six week journey across the US, from the West Coast to the East Coast and back, with a dear friend who also has tremendous healing gifts to offer others.

The last time I traveled by car across the US was with my brother. He left his secure job and children, and with about $600; we left CA and drove East. Our four month trip included the lower part of the US, up to PA and MA, and part of the middle part of the US.

Without a job, business, steady income, or even knowing what would happen the morning we woke up, my brother and I surrendered every day to Gods Plan and allowed ourselves to be fed, protected and supported by exchanging our healing gifts.

That four month journey resulted in my brother having a complete Life Transformation, from the Inside Out. And now, for the second time, another person has asked to not just host me for a life transformation, but to do so from the road, so she may face any and all fears about herself being fully supported abundantly doing what she loves.

My intentions are that this six week journey allow enough resources for me to ground into my own residence, take care of my financial obligations, including child support, and create a conscious community of spreading Hope throughout the world.

Thank you for your prayers and Loving Intentions!

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