a 90 Day Transformation

When was the last time you truly allowed yourself to play and have fun with the innocence of a child?

I believe that is KEY to unlocking our greater potential, and reminding us what we have come here to share with others. I also believe that playing and having fun allows us to more clearly receive Inner and Higher Guidance.

For many, it has been years since their inner child felt safe to play, have fun and express themselves safely.

One way to start healing that is through a monthly club called “ColorMonthly”.  It is a small monthly investment of $10 and each month you are emailed 30 pages to print and color any way you choose.  And when I use Staples to print, the price is around $3.

This is a great practice to spend 10-15 minutes each day doing something simple, and tapping back into that relaxed state of mind, which is where inspiration flows.

For those looking for an additional income stream; there is potential with this company as well.

Either way, it is well worth a $10 investment in yourself to start getting back to enjoying life more…

Regardless if you join the income stream or remain a monthly customer, within 90 days of coloring and imagining life as you wish to be, using true emotions and being specific when it feels light and easy; true transformation is certain to occur.

Life with be worth living again, people around you will be more inspired, and your body will surely thank you for it as well.

If interested in more information: CLICK HERE    On the bottom of the page, there are two links to choose from.

Either way, the price is the same, and you may change your mind later.