Many studies have shown that when the Square Root of 1% of any given population accepts a new way or belief, the rest of the population automatically begins to entrain to it.  So even with 7.5 billion people on the planet, it would only take approximately 8,660 people to reach critical mass for a new paradigm.

Imagine what would happen when 10,000 people ALL lived each day with Passion and Purpose!!!


Below is a short 15 min video from Youtube about the Benefits of Group Meditation:


This Video with its music, images and words instantly begins relaxing your mind and body for more Divine Clarity and Healing:


This Video of Gregg Braden speaking about Consciousness was filmed Jan 2009 in Sedona AZ.  Eight months later he would speak on stage at a James Ray event in Las Vegas, NV.  It was there that I was given my purpose and dedicated the rest of my life to God and The Divine Plan.