This is my Inner Child “josh”


My Personal Story:

By the time I was adopted the second time as a Weightman, I had already faced numerous forms of abuse, most in extreme ways.  It makes sense why I was so afraid of sudden movements and loud noises.  I did my best to fit in with my family and school and never seemed to understand why I felt so neglected.

I spent the majority of my life living in the dark; always feeling it was me against the world. The more I tried to fit in, the more I failed; including two marriages and several business attempts. And after a medical separation from the US Army, my physical body shutting down, and countless failed attempts with expert coaches/mentors, healers and psychics, I was ready to leave this world. I commanded to know my purpose on the planet; and within two weeks, I received an answer, while listening to Gregg Braden explain global consciousness.

Through a long process of healing and self-realization, I attained inner peace and felt complete love for all beings, both past and present; and was divinely guided to experience a path of blind faith by leaving my family, friends and possessions to travel the country and serve wherever I was led, allowing the Universe to provide my every need, without a job, car, or business.

I offer private and group sessions (Services) that allows you to move through anything that prevents you from shining your brightest and sharing your gifts with the world.

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I have committed the rest of my life to my mission.

My life is one example of what is possible when someone moves through and heals their greatest fears; and transcends their limiting beliefs. My intentions are guiding others to Shining their Brightest and experiencing a life they came here to live.