Divine Blessing of Love and Light

“My Passion is Igniting the Inner Divine Spark in You!”

Imagine for a moment that you lived in a world where each person lived every day with Passion and Purpose


This is the world I VISION: One where children of All Ages are Playing, Having Fun, and Feeling Safe to Express themselves Fully and Completely.

My Mission is to Assist, Guide and Show others how to move through the deepest parts of their Healing Process with as much gentleness and ease as possible, so they could SHINE their Brightest and Share their Gifts with the World.


I AM “The Rainbow Coach”


* My knowledge and wisdom comes from a lifetime of overcoming challenges, learning lessons and studying some of the most influential people of all time.

* Everything I share with you is a reminder of what you already know on a deeper level. Sometimes all it takes is someone who has overcome a similar situation in this lifetime, and is able to guide you through a similar path.

* All I am offering you is the Truth; and asking you to Trust your Own Intuition.






“When seeking to be my highest contribution in the world I felt divinely guided to interact with Joshua Weightman. I have had several interactions with him and each one has resulted in profound transformation, releasing and healing of old patterns, as well as experiencing unconditional love and joy on a deeper level. In my personal life, I went from stay at home mom (domestic Goddess) and small business owner, to a published Inspirational children’s book author in the matter of months. His presence has assisted me in living a more passionate life on purpose and has strengthened my confidence and resolve to shine my Light and be my highest contribution on this planet.”

Monica Iglesias, Author/Presenter


“I have personally witnessed massive transformation in people and companies that Joshua has worked with. In addition, my business and personal life have profoundly transformed and grown since meeting him. Imagine experiencing the energies of some of today’s greatest spiritual leaders like: The energy transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi, the healing abilities of John of God, the compassion of Braco the gazer, and the passion and coaching of Tony Robbins. This is what Joshua embodies and shows others what is possible in them when they heal their deepest fears and limited beliefs. Every interaction with Joshua offers opportunities for tremendous healing, growth and transformation.”

Jess Steinman, Psychic Medium and Owner of ‘In Touch With Spirit’








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